Compliance Management

Identify and deploy security best practices and reduce risk with our multi-compliance framework.

Security works hand in hand with compliance and risk management professionals to meet the different industries and regulatory obligations and requirements. In addition to being the leaders in compliance, we understand security and its role in deploying new technologies, addressing evolving mandates and combating advancing threats. By focusing on protecting your data and the privacy of your information, we help you elevate your security posture, meet compliance obligations and better manage risks in an automated and sustainable way.


TotalSecure Vulnerability Management services deliver proactive scanning, testing and remediation of application, database and network vulnerabilities so you can better protect your customer data, financial information, intellectual property and other key assets. Through our integrated, you can rapidly identify and address security weaknesses, thereby significantly helping to reduce threats and risk.

And because our vulnerability management is delivered through the cloud and our industry-leading managed security services, you can worry less about scanning and testing product complexity, resource constraints, and in-house security skills shortages?so you can focus on your core business objectives

TotalSecure Compliance Management services help

Understand Risks for Peace of Mind

Do the unknown threats to your business keep you up at night? TotalSecure has designed our solutions to work together to identify and mitigate risk and our consulting services help you understand how to get started on this journey.

Budgetary Diligence and Efficiency

In addition to giving you an edge on the risks in your business, TotalSecure’s approach ensures you won’t overspend to reach your desired security posture. Because of our close relationship with our customers and our deep knowledge of their challenges, we make sure you acquire the right technology for the level of set risk appetite.


At TotalSecure, we understand that meeting compliance standards can be challenging. Our hands-on experience and heritage in security consulting and managed security supported by our partners provides a strong blueprint to help address your regulatory requirements, including PCI, Data Privacy, ISM, ISO27001 and others. Compliance on Demand is powered by people, processes and technology:

– Well-credentialed seasoned security consultants
– Global partnerships
– Support when you need it – 24 x 7 x 365

Our Services

Compliance Management

Identify and deploy security best practices and reduce risk with our multi-compliance framework

Risk Assessments

Attack and Penetration

PCI Compliance Validation

Secure Development Training

Compliance Management

PCI Compliance

Security Awareness Training


Manage Risk

We know that each compliance project is unique ? and at its core is the need to mitigate risk for the business. This is why our services, technology and programs are designed to keep risk identification and management at the forefront. What?s really important to your business? What?s potentially damaging? From here, we make sure you address what?s needed.

Automate Processes

We understand that meeting compliance standards can be challenging. That?s why we help you automate your key compliance processes, track and report your compliance measures and streamline your efforts.

Get Secure, On Budget

The TotalSecure approach to compliance is to utilize security as an enabler, a business that?s employing security best practices with diligence will find great efficiency throughout any compliance or governance journey. In the same way, as a validation program uncovers gaps in a business? security, TotalSecure has the right solutions to help solve problems ? and help you achieve your IT and security goals without overspending.

Extend Your IT Staff

Working with TotalSecure is like adding trusted compliance and security advisors to your staff. We?ll help you establish a strong and strategic compliance foundation as well as conduct and manage assessments, and deliver elite testing and remediation services. For our partners, our project, product and marketing teams augment your compliance and risk teams for smooth ongoing program management.

Move at the Pace of Technology

Change in technology is happening more rapidly than ever ? and your business needs to stay on pace to best serve your customers. You want to take advantage of the efficiencies and scalability of cloud vendors and mobile solutions ? and you need a partner that?s at the forefront of these innovations.

How We Work

Our customers choose to work with TotalSecure compliance and risk teams because of our customer service focus. What sets us apart, however, is our knowledge, experience and history delivering assessments and programs that mitigate risk and bring efficiency, cost savings and effective resource allocation to our customers.

Trusted Advisors

Our team consists of the best in the business. Not just well-credentialed, but nimble experts that are there when you need them to help you tackle your toughest risk and compliance challenges effectively.

Compliance Program Teams

TotalSecure’s compliance and risk engagements are backed by an internal team to ensure your experience with TotalSecure meets your objectives. Drawing expertise SOC, product management, project management, risk and audit and partners, our team is dedicated to the success of your risk and compliance engagements; i.e. be it an assessment, or a holistic risk and compliance strategy development.

Support on Demand

Our compliance support is available through our SOC. We take calls, emails and chats 24/7 and support our customers in multiple languages.