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Fight cybercrime with our threat intelligence, detection, protection and remediation services

Cybercrime is big business as bad actors fly under the radar using targeted malware, advanced persistent threats and zero-days to infiltrate and steal businesses most prized data assets. Layer in security product complexity, resource constraints and skills shortages, the perfect storm emerges in favor of the threat antagonists. Gain the upper hand with Trustwave Threat Management services.

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Threat Management Services Help

Remove blind spots and improve visibility through threat analysis and security analytics.

Prevent security incidents, yet ready your business to respond if necessary.

Protect businesses from emerging threats through advanced correlation engines.

Alleviate the pressures of product complexity, resource constraints and security skills shortages.


Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence can no longer simply a large collection of raw data. TotalSecure?s threat intelligence, using proprietary and Partners? research combined with product telemetry, global data feeds and exclusive findings from our SOC. This unparalleled combination of data and real-world findings gives Total Secure the most thorough view of global threat intelligence. TotalSecure services and technologies use this threat intelligence as the foundation for protecting against all known and emerging threats.

Threat Detection

As threats become more complex and advanced, real-time threat detection (and notification) becomes increasingly important. Big data correlation of threat intelligence, plus expert analysis from our SOC allows TotalSecure to block new and emerging threats sooner and with more accuracy. As most cybercrime is focused on exfiltrating data, the earlier the detection the greater the chance of stopping the attack before data loss occurs.

Threat Protection

Even known threats continue to plague organisations as the layered defense strategy may has grown overly complex and difficult to maintain. TotalSecure Threat Management services work together to provide holistic protection of networks, applications, databases and endpoints. With our partners, real-time code analysis, file content inspection, page correlation and gateway technologies, can accurately and quickly block malware, zero-days and advanced persistent threats in real-time. This holistic approach virtually eliminates the inaccuracies and gaps lefts by stringing together a myriad of individual point solutions.

Threat Mitigation

Mitigation starts with awareness, yet security personnel are bombarded with event notifications and quickly overwhelmed. Proactive event monitoring and threat correlation creates actions out of the noise, resulting in faster response and threat mitigation. And yet, security incidents and breaches can happen despite all best efforts for prevention. From the security specialists in our SOC, you have experts in your corner to help you prepare for and respond to incidents.

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